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Our program is based on the premise that to build a quality cattle herd you must have genetics that work. We believe that raising quality females and focusing on maternal traits are important in developing your herd and increasing the quality of your cattle. We continually build on those traits using quality genetics and by incorporating proven DeBerard genetics in our program. Birth weight, calving ease, and udder quality are all traits we pay close attention to. In addition, pigmentation is important at our high elevation of 7,235 feet above sea level to help protect the cattle’s eyes from the strong winds and winter storms that frequent our location in the winter months. Muscling, fleshing ability and disposition are also important traits in our program. As a breed, Hereford cattle are considered to be appealing due to their fertility and adaptability (Agricultural Research/March 2010 Issue). It is our opinion that Herefords can greatly increase the quality of many commercial herds due to their traits. “Today, the Hereford-Angus cross female is widely viewed as one of the best females available for commercial beef production...these crossbred cattle have high fertility, are long-lived and thrive in temperate regions.” (Agricultural Research/March 2010 Issue). The DeBerard Cattle Company program started with a quality base and we are reintroducing more of our family’s line one genetics, as well as other top genetics in the Hereford breed to provide top quality bulls and females that will benefit both the purebred and commercial sides of the industry. There are many reasons that ranchers and producers choose to raise Hereford cattle. Our primary focus is on the seedstock industry, and therefore a solid understanding of what brings quality to that market is of utmost importance. For more information please contact us via phone, email or social media. If you’re in our area and would like to see our operation please get in touch with us!

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