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The DeBerard Family has a long history in the cattle business, especially with the Hereford breed. Jason’s Great-Great Grandfather, Fred C. DeBerard, of Kremmling, CO, began showing cattle in the early 1900s, with much success, and was known as the “King of Cattle” in show circles. (Credit – Hereford World March 2016 Issue). He established the Peak Ranch twenty miles north of Kremmling in 1913, and began fitting cattle to show at the National Western Stock Show in 1932. (Credit – “Riding High” by Thomas J. Noel, page 253). At the National Western Stock Show he was known for feeder calf pens and carloads. In 1951 he was awarded the Man of the Year in Livestock award, and in 1979 he was inducted into the Hereford Hall of Fame (Credit – Hereford World March 2016 Issue).

Fred C. DeBerard was known for, and believed that “Good cattle pay the way,” (Credit – Hereford World March 2016 Issue), and his accomplishments certainly speak to that statement. He was directly involved in the beginning of the Line 1 genetics that are still sought after and studied today. In 1934 Fred C. DeBerard sold two bulls, Advance Domino 20 and Advance Domino 54 which were bred to 50 cows purchased from George M. Miles of Miles City, MT. The USDA maintains Line 1 Hereford Cattle in Miles City, MT that are descended solely from this foundation. (Credit – Agricultural Research/March 2010 Issue).

Fred and Myrtle DeBerard had several children. Their son, Fay DeBerard, was born on March 15, 1905 and shared his Father’s passion for agriculture. Like his Father, he lived and ranched in Kremmling, CO. He studied animal husbandry at Colorado State University and during the course of his life served as the President of the Colorado Hereford Association and the Grand County Fair Board in addition to numerous other state and local organizations. He was appointed to the Colorado Senate in 1954 and chaired the Livestock, Fish and Game, Transportation, and Education Committees. He was very dedicated throughout his life, and was one of the five original inductees to the Colorado Agricultural Hall of Fame. (Colorado Senate Memorial 00-002 – Memorializing Senator Fay DeBerard).

Senator DeBerard and his wife Chloe had three children, Fay DeBerard. Jr., Robert “Butch” DeBerard, and Marilyn (DeBerard) Curry. Jason’s Grandfather, Fay DeBerard, Jr., currently lives in Phoenix, AZ and has been a big influence on Jason’s love of the cattle business and agriculture. He grew up ranching with his father outside of Kremmling, CO however following the death of his mother he began working in the construction industry.

Fay DeBerard, Jr. had three sons, Stephen (Steve), William (Bill) and Andrew (Andy), all of which participated in livestock events as children. Steve DeBerard, Jason’s father, had four children, Jeannie, Jason, Josh (Stephen), and Jake DeBerard. Although Steve is no longer with us his children enjoy life in beautiful Laramie, WY, where they all live.

Jason DeBerard’s love and enthusiasm for the cattle industry began as a child, being immersed in the cattle business from the time he was a young boy. His family, and especially his Grandfather, Fay DeBerard, Jr., have been a great source of history and knowledge of the Hereford breed. Jason and his wife Kim look forward to continuing this amazing family legacy and history with the Hereford breed.

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